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We work side-by-side with our partners to deliver solutions from the planning stage all the way to architecture and interior design.

Planning and architecture

Our experience is widespread, encompassing 18 years of applications across a number of south east boroughs and developments of different types, with the delivery of thousands of individual properties, through the planning process.

Our dedicated land and planning team undertake a rigorous feasibility process of site assessment, scheme development, pre-application, scheme refinement and then a full application for each of our sites. The initial steps often give us confidence to purchase sites without planning, in the knowledge that given the local planning context and our expertise, we will be able to achieve a positive and successful planning outcome.

Time and process management is critical. Our team recognises the complexity involved in the planning of any site, but nevertheless by applying the right level of project management, balancing multiple and sometimes conflicting requirements, we help to achieve the correct planning outcomes whilst maintaining an exceptional end product. We have expertise across the south east and London and are happy to work on any site where we feel we can add value through planning enhancement and that benefits the local area.

Property development

Our in-house construction business ensures each development is carefully and intricately thought out from a construction, budgetary and practical perspective, right at the very start, delivering on budget.

Our in house team enables a seamless and fluid development progression, with our planning, technical and construction teams collaborating to manage the build process from concept to completion. Having in-house construction expertise, means we are able to control each aspect of the construction and procurement process with remarkable attention to detail. We always have full transparency of costs, enabling us to maximise the value of every development, while managing our supply chain, in a fair and collaborative manner.

Effective time management and project delivery is critical to any development. Our integrated approach means we achieve a significant head-start through the reduction of procurement times. This allows us to start on site considerably more quickly than if using external contractors. Typically, we can save up to four months from planning consent to start on site compared to developers who are required to go through a tender process, to appoint an external contractor. More over, using a highly experienced internal construction team, means we are more responsive to product changes and to the end user during the defects period.

Highly environmental, health and safety conscious, we do not just follow the basic standards, but go above and beyond expectation levels. Our approach to health and safety is indicative of our respect for our people and the desire to do the right thing.
Our aim when working on any development, is to achieve a well-rounded end product, and provide striking architecturally designed homes that look, feel and function of the highest class, while utilising innovative construction methods and materials.
We are so confident in our ability to provide an exceptional finish to all of our homes, that we offer an insurance backed ten-year warranty on all new build homes.

Staying heavily involved in the planning process throughout, we work closely and collaboratively with our team, challenging our consultants to push boundaries in order to achieve the best possible conclusion for the stakeholders involved, from maximising the return potential of a site to providing a vibrant home for the end-occupier.
This process and strategy vary greatly depending on the local authority and what we perceive to be the optimum level and extent of development for the area.
Our team actively communicates with local residents and the local community to understand what is most important to them. This enables us to address significant concerns and offer an alignment which is beneficial to all parties involved, from the planning authority and the local community, to future residents or investors. Through this we aim to create innovative, inviting and saleable properties, putting people first and at their heart.

Interior design

Working with leading consultants and interior designers, our commitment to usability, innovation and thoughtful design is ably articulated throughout our developments from concept to completion.

We constantly go above and beyond what one would expect from a new homes developer, producing design-led, architectural spaces that are distinctive and lifestyle enhancing, while obtaining a product specification of the utmost quality. Refined interior touches, high-class finishes exceeding that of a standard new home, and superior product offerings ensure we deliver on our commitment to our pursuit of excellence.

We pay attention to detail on our choice of colours, textures and quality of materials is evident through every property from the kitchen and bathrooms, to the outdoor spaces, living space and bedrooms. Our homes are enhanced by product offerings such as marble flooring and bespoke cabinetry, to ‘floating’ staircases, designer kitchens and luxurious bathrooms. We work with industry-leading suppliers, ensuring that all of our homes are designed appropriately and innovatively, with intricate detailing and unique features where appropriate.

We also give sustained consideration to ceiling heights, light, usability and space, while aiming to push the boundaries of our product. Our team focuses on capturing the historic essence of a property and its given area, to provide the end occupier not only with an exceptional property, but a home of the highest specification, in which they can thrive.

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